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Power Plate and vibration training: This unique form of training is great for improving your fitness, toning up, inch loss and rehabilitation. Clinically proven to reduce cellulite and aid your recovery from injury Power Plate is suitable for anyone regardless of age or ability.

Please note: Active have one of the few authorised Power Plate studios in the region and our fitness team have all qualified from the Power Plate Training Academy in London.

Power Plate is used by professional sports people to ensure they stay at peak physical fitness and recover more quickly. Celebrities also swear by Power Plate to keep them in shape, reduce cellulite and ensure they look their best.

With a vast amount of clinical evidence proving the original Power Plate works for many physical issues we can offer you training in our Milton Keynes studio or even in your own home with our unique hire and training service.

Hire a Power Plate or Vibration platform from one month to one year with a personal trainer who will visit your home or workplace and help you achieve your goals.

Contact us for a consultation and discover how Power Plate will transform your health, fitness and wellbeing.

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